Thursday, December 22, 2011

'Tis The Season!

I realise I have a lot of nerve showing up here after 3 months of nothing.  You probably forgot that I even exist in this medium.  But here I am, timidly showing my blogger face again, asking you to forgive me for such a long absense.  :)  I'm sitting here on my day off watching my daughter watch the Grinch for the eleventy-billionth time this Christmas season. She LOVES it.  And it makes my heart happy to watch her get so excited.  Hardly a second goes by before she says "Oh WOW" "Oh Dee-yore" "Oh NO!".  She's so adorable I can't stand it!! :)

She just turned 2 and is such a big girl now - I can hardly believe it!  When you're expecting or are a brand new parent, you're constantly being told "enjoy every goes so fast!".  You think "yeah RIGHT - I will never sleep again...ever!"  But it's true.  It goes fast and I'm glad I savoured all the good and the bad moments of her being tiny.  Cause now she's over 3 feet tall and is definitely not my little baby any more!

Anyways...we've had a LOT of changes since I last posted.  A lot.  But I haven't had enough coffee yet this morning to get into all that so I thought, it being almost Christmas, I'd tell you a few of my favourite things of this season.  And then I promise I'll catch you up on what's been going on in the K household in the last few months.  Promise!

What I love about the Christmas Season...
  • Spending time with family (I'm missing my family so much this Christmas!)
  • Christmas Trees - REAL ones...can't beat that smell!
  • Gingerbread anything
  • My mother-in-law's incredible homemade Christmas cookies
  • Watching The Grinch and Rudolph The Rednosed Reindeer on repeat with C
  • Mulled Wine (best recipe ever)
  • My sibling's homemade egg nog (think you guys could FedEx me some?!)
  • Hanging the stockings
  • A roast turkey with all the trimmings on Christmas day
  • The Red Cups from you-know-where (yes...I'm a sucker)
  • My brother JJ's amazing Christmas breakfast
  • Christmas music....naturally
  • Mince pies - I ordered some 'specially
  • The Marks & Spencer food hall :)
  • Leaving mince pies and a glass of sherry out for Santa (we Irish don't mess around) ;)
  • White Christmas (the movie)...on repeat
  • Crying (again) at It's A Wonderful Life
  • Actually, (almost) any Christmas movie
  • Bundling up with a coat, scarf, hat and gloves for a walk on a crisp winter day
  • A white Christmas...or at least just dreaming of one
  • The Nutcracker
  • A Christmas Carol - the end is just the best!
  • Reading 'Twas The Night Before Christmas
  • Snuggling up in front of my parent's fire.  Missing that! 

I know this is a loooong list but what are your favourite things about Christmas?  I'd love to konw!

I doubt I'll be organised enough to blog again before the 25th, so let me take this time to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas - I'm hoping that your days are merry and bright (and may all your Christmases be white).