Thursday, March 31, 2011

DIY: {Upholstered} Bed Head

Thanks to my dear friend Freck (whose blog you must read if you don't already), I remembered that I completely forgot to add in this handy little DIY on how to build your own upholstered headboard.  

I've seen an equally good tutorial at one of my new favorite DIY/Interiors blog, Young House Love, however, this one  was a little more my style. For conveniences sake, I will copy into this post, but I did want to post the original link incase y'all thought I was the one who did this fabulous handiwork - I am in no way, shape or form trying to take any credit for this amazing work!  This is not a project I have tried yet but it is on my list of things to do, and if I ever get around to it I'll be sure to post a play-by-play.....cause I'm pretty sure it'll be interesting to say the least.

Anyways, here's a tutorial done by the amazingly-crazy talented writer of Design*Sponge (also named Grace), who has done a fabulous job of giving a step-by-step guide of how to make your own headboard.  (All photos are hers):

Her inspiration (from Cookie magazine, 2005):

Her finished product:
How amazeballs is that?!

What You’ll Need:
-Wood for your headboard (she had a local craftsman cut hers, but depending on the shape you want, you can either buy a pre-cut piece of plywood at Home Depot in a rectangle, or trace a pattern and cut it with a jigsaw to fit your desired shape)
-Foam (she used foam that was 2 inches thick)
-Batting (standard quilting batting is great)
-Fabric (she bought her Otomi fabric at Jacaranda Home, but you can go crazy and use whatever you want!)
-Utility knife
-Staple Gun
-Flush Mount for attaching the headboard to the wall
-Spray Adhesive

Here's how to:
1. Place your piece of foam on the floor and lay your headboard over top of it. Trace the outline of the headboard with a marker and then cut to size with a utility knife or electric knife if you have one- they work really nicely for foam.
2. Repeat this step with your batting, cutting 4-5 inches wider than the headboard wood, all around (you’ll be pulling this over the wood and stapling it so you need a little extra to make it stretch)
3. Repeat this step with your fabric, cutting 4-5 inches wider than your headboard wood, all around (you’ll be pulling this over the wood and and batting so you’ll need a little extra to make it stretch)
3. Spray the foam with spray adhesive and attach it to the front of your headboard. Note: spray adhesive is pretty toxic so you’ll want to wear a mask and open your windows while you spray. Spray in short spurts and let your room fully air out before proceeding.
4. Lay your batting on top of the foam once it’s dried and flip the headboard over so the batting is on the floor, followed by a layer of foam and then your wood facing up.
5. With your staple gun, staple the batting securely to the wood, pulling the batting taught so it’s not loose.
6. Once your batting is secure, lay your fabric over top (be sure to iron your fabric first!), centering it if need be (she used plastic clamps to hold it in place while she stapled). Flip the headboard over so the fabric is on the floor and then staple gun the fabric into place, pulling taught so you get a nice wrinkle-free finish.
7. Once your fabric is attached, you can cut any excess from the back (this project leaves the headboard unfinished on the back so you can attach it to the wall) to neaten up the edges.
8. There are a number of ways to attach your headboard to the wall or bed, but she prefers using flush mounts (just ask for them at your local hardware store) to hang the headboard from your wall. They’re easily screwed into the back of the headboard and wall so you simply slide the headboard into the mounts of the wall and voila! Your headboard is attached- make sure you ask for mounts that can hold the weight of your headboard. Most flush mounts will hold at least 75 pounds- just be sure to ask.
9. If you’d prefer to stand your headboard on the ground and use the weight of your bed to hold it in place, she advises making a solid headboard, rather than one with legs like she made in this project - that gives your bed more to push against. She’d still advise screwing it into the wall or the base of your bed frame for safety- you don’t want that falling down on you! Once your headboard is safely secured you’re all set!
Check out her photos:

How cool is that?  I'm totally inspired!  You can read more and see a video of her actually doing the product here.  

If any of you have done this or are going to undertake it, you MUST let me know immediately!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bed Head

Today was one of those days where I did not. want. to. get. out. of. bed.  At all.  But I dragged myself out - eventually - only to spend all day wishing I could crawl back in.  I guess I'm just feeling totally exhausted today - so much so that I feel like I did the trans-atlantic flight that my Mother-in-law just did (she arrived with us this morning and we are oh-so happy to see her, especially her youngest fan!).

I saw this image in Lonny a few weeks ago when the new issue was launched and I've spent pretty much all month dreaming about this bed.  It's pretty perfect, and those nail heads - amazing. Here it is: 
I love an upholstered headboard.  LOVE.  Maybe it's because I had one when I was a little girl - it was covered in a beautiful peach floral fabric (my little girl room was peach, not pink, an girly alternate that I just love, I must say), with beautiful piping and pleating around the frame.  I wish I had a photo to share with you, it really was lovely and I wish I still had it for my little girl.  Alas, that was not to be!

Right now I have a wrought iron bedframe.  Don't get me wrong, I loved it at the time and it's pretty, but I'm ready for something new.  Something comfortable, chic, elegant.  Something upholstered, natch.  So I went scouring the ol' internet and founds some beautiful pieces out there just waiting for me to come and claim one. 

Here's one that's oh-so-similar to the custom-made one featured in Lonny above.  It's from the good ole folks at Pottery Barn:
Pottery Barn



Martha Stewart for Bernhardt Greenwich Street Bed
Crate and Barrel's beautiful Collette bed

JC Penny what?!?!  Elegant upholstered headboard with (my favorite) nail-head trim?  Yes, please!

Sweet dreams, y'all!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Crazy Month anyone out there?  Have you, my dear friends and readers, completely given up on me for my recent lack of posts?  I do apologize.  Profusely.  It's been a cuh-razy couple of weeks here in the K household.  My sister says that's no excuse and she might be right, but there it is.  This post is going to be a little all over the place, kinda like me lately.  So bear with me!

We had my wonderful and beautiful sister-in-law, T, visiting us for 2 weeks at the beginning of the month.  We had a wonderful time with her - C was spoiled rotten (which, lets face it, is the only way to be spoiled), and we enjoyed lots of good food, good wine, and - best of all - good conversation.  We miss her already and want her to come back ASAP, and next time she must bring her new hubby too!  

Anyways, then I had a week of doing "who-the-heck-knows-what, but apparently I was so busy I didn't have time to blog.  Sometimes life just takes over, especially when you have an almost 16 month old who is now running, climbing onto (low) furniture, dancing, 'singing', and 'chatting' up a storm ("uh-oh" is a new favourite).  She's an absolute riot.  I mean really.  Here's how she looked when we went for a walk this week in this BEAUTIFUL spring weather we've been having:

Glasses courtesy of Aunty T.  She loves them and doesn't even try to pull them off her face.  I can hardly stand the cuteness.

This week we also discovered the joy of climbing frames (or whatever they're called Stateside).  What we have not discovered, however, is gravity, which has given me several small heart attacks when C goes running for the stairs or large gaping whole to follow the big kids as they jump off.  I'm getting seriously fit running around it trying to keep up with her and keep her from seriously injuring herself.  

She also discovered daisies.  She was so stinkin' cute the way she carried them around so delicately and said "uh-oh" every time she dropped them.  Ahhh I love that girl.

In other news, I've joined a gym.  WOOHOO!  I've been doing Pilates steadily since before I had my daughter, but I decided that some much-needed cardio was in order.  So I joined a few weeks ago and am currently in the process of whipping my butt back into shape.  The threat of summer and pre-pregnancy summer clothes and bathing suits was enough to put the fear of God into me and got me back in the gym.  I have to say, though, I love it.  LOVE it!  I go first thing in the morning before the munchkin and the hubby get up and I feel so good and energized all day after it.  Spinning and weights - thats how I roll, and maybe it's all in my head but I feel fitter already.  

Anyways, I'm off to take munchkin for a walk because it's another beautiful day.  But before I go I am too excited not to congratulations my dear dear friend A and her hubby M on the arrival of their GORGEOUS baby boy who was born last night (or this morning, if you're here in Ireland) and who I've already fallen in love with!  Can't wait to meet him and kiss his little cheeks!

Have a wonderful day, everyone, and I promise - another post is coming soon!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

(Baby) Bathing Beauty

Summer is almost here...well, first we have to get to Spring, but it'll be here before we know it...right?  Right!  I'm itching for some warmer weather and to add to my impatience is the exciting fact that my family is going to embark on a Spanish excursion this summer and we all can't wait!  A little time by the pool, a little time by the ocean - lots of laughs, good food, sangria - what's not to look forward to (wait, I know - RyanAir).  But we can't wait.  And in anticiaption of this adventure I'm already planning wardrobe choices.  For me?  No - not for me.  For C!  All in the form of bathing suits, of course.  Why, you ask?  have you ever seen babies bathing suits?  They are quite possibly the cutest things ever.  And why would I want to cry about the thought that I'll have to don a bathing suit look for one for myself when it's so much more for to shop for C's 

And here are some I'm already in love with for this year:


Janie and Jack

Baby Gap USA

Old Navy

Old Navy

And what's a swimsuit without some accessories?
Janie and Jack
Janie and Jack
Kate Mack
Janie and Jack

Kate Mack

I could seriously do this all day.  However, I must clean because we have a very exciting and special house guest arriving tomorrow!  More on that later!

Have a great Thursday!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Jane Russell - Hollywood Legend.

Jane Russell passed away last night at the age of 89.  She was a hollywood legend, way ahead of her time, who held her own and more against Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Perfer Blondes.  She also had one of the most controversial censorship battles when she starred in Howard Hughes' The Outlaw - her debut film, no less.  What a way to start your career!  She was sultry, strong, sexy and controversial - and talented to boot.  Read all about her life and career in the New York Time's tribute to her today.

As a tribute to her great talent, here she is in her iconic number "Ain't There Anyone Here For Love" from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.  Another Hollywood great gone, but definitely not forgotten.  Rest in peace.

Better Late Than Never - Oscar 2011 Fashion!

I had to wait until last night, but I finally saw (the thankfully edited version of) the Oscars...and cripes, was it BAD!  Anne Hathaway was extremely annoying and really not funny, and James Franco lacked almost any trace of personality.  Together, they had absolutely no chemistry and their whole presentation was cringeworthy (especially Anne's rendition of "On My Own".  Nice try, but seriously - who decided on them?   There is little worth saying about the show itself (and I feel like I can't properly comment on it as I only got to see 1hr30mins of it), but I will say that James Franco definitely doesn't look good in a unitard but does looks surprisingly great in pink satin.  :)   I did, however, like the tributes to the ceremonies, actors and films of days gone by - but I'm a nostalgia nerd so that's right up my alley.  On that note, how cute was Kirk Douglas?  I mean good for him getting up there after all he's been through lately.  But the show in general - hugely disappointing.  All that talent in Hollywood and that's what they made us sit through....

Anyways...lets just get right down too it, shall we?  The fashion!  (I do so solemnly swear that I have not looked at any of my favorite blogs so as not to be swayed one way or the other on a dress - do you know how hard that was?!?!)  Here are my best and worsts of the night.

{Before I start - a note on E!'s red carpet:  Guiliana - EAT SOMETHING.  STOP TANNING.  And stop talking.  She drives me bonkers.   Ok - I can continue, now.}

Best Dressed:

Sandra looked gorgeous in this red Vera Wang, in fact this might be my favorite look of the night.  The only thing I would have changed was her hair - it seemed a little....severe?  I would have liked to have seen it softer around her temples/ears, but she was beautiful all the same.

Reese looked 60s glam and gorgeous in this beautiful black and white Armani Prive gown - loved everything about this - especially her hair and 60s style eyes!

Mandy Moore - I didn't even recognize her.  One of my favorites of the night, this gorgeous Monique Lhullier dress with all it's sparkles was so beautiful and feminine.  This is a hard color to wear but I think she pulled it off.  The neckline was amazing.   Loved it. 

Mila Kunis looked gorgeous in Ellie Saab.  Everything about this is perfect - the colour, the lace, the draping, her hair.  Could have been a major wardrobe malfunction, but I loved it.

Hailee Steinfeld - in custom made Marchesa.  While the dress could be worn by an older star, the headband kept her looking like a teenager.  Feminine, beautiful and - most importantly - AGE APPROPRIATE.

Amy Adams - I absolutely loved her navy  L'Wren Scott dress.  Her hair was a beautiful flowy, firey contrast to the navy gown, but thought the emerald pendent was unnecessary.

Natalie Portman.  This wasn't completely perfect for me, but she looked gorgeous. My one critique is that I thought it should have been longer in the front.  That being said, she looked glowing, beautiful and I loved her earrings.  She also gave a much better acceptance speech this time around - praise you Jesus!

Gwyneth was gorgeous in Calvin Klein - sleek, sophisticated - and those are all tiny sequins, can you imagine how long that too to create?  Her hair and makeup were understated and perfect.  Love this look.

Jennifer Lawrence:  Her Calvin Klein dress is sleek and definitely beautiful but I felt it all looked a bit under dressed and not-so-Oscar-appropriate (maybe because from the waist up she could be wearing a racer back tank?).  In my humble opinion, she needed some jewelry and some lipstick STAT.  P completely disagrees, but that's why it's my opinion. :)

J-Hud ROCKED this bright orange Versace gown.  She looks absolutely amazing from head to toe.  You go girl!

Sharon Stone - amazing Dior gown, complete with ostrich feathers on the shoulder.  Not so amazing hair...

And now for the not so good:

Melissa Leo - you might not be able to tell from this shot but it's gold lame.  And cream lace.  Yikes.  She looked like an Oscar Statuette wrapped in doily.  (She also wins for worst speech and biggest Oscar faux-pas when she almost knocked over poor Kirk Douglas).

Scarlette Johannson - Not what I expect from the gal who does old Hollywood galmour better than almost everyone (see Catherine Zeta-Jones), not to mention that I hardly recognized her without her cleavage on display.  And someone needs to give that girl a hairbrush.

Penelope Cruz - I love that she's showing off her new-mom curves, but I felt like she should have been on Dancing With The Stars in this L'Wren Scott gown.

Florence - No explanation needed (in fact, it feels wrong to write that this is Valentino).

Normally I love Helen Mirren's choices, but this Vivienne Westwood didn't do it for me - it all looked too ruched, even where it wasn't supposed to be, and the poofy shoulders?  Not her best, especially after her amazing Oscar choices over the past few years.

Nicole Kidman.  This Dior gown was a bit Asian inspired and a bit 50s.  I liked the detail on the bodice but thought the skirt should have been plain.  It was just a little too too much (there's a bit of a too-too much theme going here, anyone notice that?).  And that red shoe?  Nope.

Cate Blanchett - normally love her.  It looked like a bit like a martian at the academy awards (or perhaps a toned down Lady Gaga?).  The top was horrendous.  Givenchy?  Really?  Her hair and makeup, though - flawless, as usual.

Halle Berry - I'm pretty sure I'm going to get flamed for this, and I know she is lauded by Hollywood and the world, but I really can't stand Halle Berry and as irrational and ridiculous as it sounds, I automatically don't like whatever it is she's wearing.  I know I know - but it's true.  Halle aside, I'm not sure I love the dress, even if I want to because I'm pretty sure everyone else out there is going to love it.  It's all a bit too too much for me - lots of sparkle with lots of tulle topped with more tulle at the neckline (see also Hilary Swank).  One or the other would have done it for me. Not my favorite.

Michelle Williams - Alright, I was not a huge fan of this Chanel.  I thought it looked blah, I thought the style was unflattering to her figure and I really didn't like her hair or makeup.  After her looking completely amazing in that gorgeous yellow Vera Wang a few years ago, this was a big let down.

So who were your favorites?  Do you agree with me or did I get it all wrong?  Ok, I'm off to see what my favorite bloggers thought of the fashion, but in the meantime, I'll leave you with one of my favourite looks of the night (and how great was his speech - funny yet heartfelt...he can do no wrong!):

Oscar looks so good on him.  :)