Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Better Late Than Never - Oscar 2011 Fashion!

I had to wait until last night, but I finally saw (the thankfully edited version of) the Oscars...and cripes, was it BAD!  Anne Hathaway was extremely annoying and really not funny, and James Franco lacked almost any trace of personality.  Together, they had absolutely no chemistry and their whole presentation was cringeworthy (especially Anne's rendition of "On My Own".  Nice try, but seriously - who decided on them?   There is little worth saying about the show itself (and I feel like I can't properly comment on it as I only got to see 1hr30mins of it), but I will say that James Franco definitely doesn't look good in a unitard but does looks surprisingly great in pink satin.  :)   I did, however, like the tributes to the ceremonies, actors and films of days gone by - but I'm a nostalgia nerd so that's right up my alley.  On that note, how cute was Kirk Douglas?  I mean good for him getting up there after all he's been through lately.  But the show in general - hugely disappointing.  All that talent in Hollywood and that's what they made us sit through....

Anyways...lets just get right down too it, shall we?  The fashion!  (I do so solemnly swear that I have not looked at any of my favorite blogs so as not to be swayed one way or the other on a dress - do you know how hard that was?!?!)  Here are my best and worsts of the night.

{Before I start - a note on E!'s red carpet:  Guiliana - EAT SOMETHING.  STOP TANNING.  And stop talking.  She drives me bonkers.   Ok - I can continue, now.}

Best Dressed:

Sandra looked gorgeous in this red Vera Wang, in fact this might be my favorite look of the night.  The only thing I would have changed was her hair - it seemed a little....severe?  I would have liked to have seen it softer around her temples/ears, but she was beautiful all the same.

Reese looked 60s glam and gorgeous in this beautiful black and white Armani Prive gown - loved everything about this - especially her hair and 60s style eyes!

Mandy Moore - I didn't even recognize her.  One of my favorites of the night, this gorgeous Monique Lhullier dress with all it's sparkles was so beautiful and feminine.  This is a hard color to wear but I think she pulled it off.  The neckline was amazing.   Loved it. 

Mila Kunis looked gorgeous in Ellie Saab.  Everything about this is perfect - the colour, the lace, the draping, her hair.  Could have been a major wardrobe malfunction, but I loved it.

Hailee Steinfeld - in custom made Marchesa.  While the dress could be worn by an older star, the headband kept her looking like a teenager.  Feminine, beautiful and - most importantly - AGE APPROPRIATE.

Amy Adams - I absolutely loved her navy  L'Wren Scott dress.  Her hair was a beautiful flowy, firey contrast to the navy gown, but thought the emerald pendent was unnecessary.

Natalie Portman.  This wasn't completely perfect for me, but she looked gorgeous. My one critique is that I thought it should have been longer in the front.  That being said, she looked glowing, beautiful and I loved her earrings.  She also gave a much better acceptance speech this time around - praise you Jesus!

Gwyneth was gorgeous in Calvin Klein - sleek, sophisticated - and those are all tiny sequins, can you imagine how long that too to create?  Her hair and makeup were understated and perfect.  Love this look.

Jennifer Lawrence:  Her Calvin Klein dress is sleek and definitely beautiful but I felt it all looked a bit under dressed and not-so-Oscar-appropriate (maybe because from the waist up she could be wearing a racer back tank?).  In my humble opinion, she needed some jewelry and some lipstick STAT.  P completely disagrees, but that's why it's my opinion. :)

J-Hud ROCKED this bright orange Versace gown.  She looks absolutely amazing from head to toe.  You go girl!

Sharon Stone - amazing Dior gown, complete with ostrich feathers on the shoulder.  Not so amazing hair...

And now for the not so good:

Melissa Leo - you might not be able to tell from this shot but it's gold lame.  And cream lace.  Yikes.  She looked like an Oscar Statuette wrapped in doily.  (She also wins for worst speech and biggest Oscar faux-pas when she almost knocked over poor Kirk Douglas).

Scarlette Johannson - Not what I expect from the gal who does old Hollywood galmour better than almost everyone (see Catherine Zeta-Jones), not to mention that I hardly recognized her without her cleavage on display.  And someone needs to give that girl a hairbrush.

Penelope Cruz - I love that she's showing off her new-mom curves, but I felt like she should have been on Dancing With The Stars in this L'Wren Scott gown.

Florence - No explanation needed (in fact, it feels wrong to write that this is Valentino).

Normally I love Helen Mirren's choices, but this Vivienne Westwood didn't do it for me - it all looked too ruched, even where it wasn't supposed to be, and the poofy shoulders?  Not her best, especially after her amazing Oscar choices over the past few years.

Nicole Kidman.  This Dior gown was a bit Asian inspired and a bit 50s.  I liked the detail on the bodice but thought the skirt should have been plain.  It was just a little too too much (there's a bit of a too-too much theme going here, anyone notice that?).  And that red shoe?  Nope.

Cate Blanchett - normally love her.  It looked like a bit like a martian at the academy awards (or perhaps a toned down Lady Gaga?).  The top was horrendous.  Givenchy?  Really?  Her hair and makeup, though - flawless, as usual.

Halle Berry - I'm pretty sure I'm going to get flamed for this, and I know she is lauded by Hollywood and the world, but I really can't stand Halle Berry and as irrational and ridiculous as it sounds, I automatically don't like whatever it is she's wearing.  I know I know - but it's true.  Halle aside, I'm not sure I love the dress, even if I want to because I'm pretty sure everyone else out there is going to love it.  It's all a bit too too much for me - lots of sparkle with lots of tulle topped with more tulle at the neckline (see also Hilary Swank).  One or the other would have done it for me. Not my favorite.

Michelle Williams - Alright, I was not a huge fan of this Chanel.  I thought it looked blah, I thought the style was unflattering to her figure and I really didn't like her hair or makeup.  After her looking completely amazing in that gorgeous yellow Vera Wang a few years ago, this was a big let down.

So who were your favorites?  Do you agree with me or did I get it all wrong?  Ok, I'm off to see what my favorite bloggers thought of the fashion, but in the meantime, I'll leave you with one of my favourite looks of the night (and how great was his speech - funny yet heartfelt...he can do no wrong!):

Oscar looks so good on him.  :)


  1. Ha - funny to see where we agreed and disagreed! I didn't even watch any of it and haven't looked on any blogs yet either, so I'm just going to go with what I agree with and disagree with from your choices! Reese looked amazing - think that's my fave. And OMG, Mandy Moore! Is that her!?!? Gorgeous dress, and she looked like she stood her own - good for her! Also loved Gwyneth.

    Jennifer Lawrence is a big no for me - she looks like the Bay Watch version of Day to Night Barbie...! Is it wrong to say that I'm kinda glad to see Scarlet Johanssen looking so rough? The hair and the make-up - ick! I'll gladly comfort poor Ryan though ;) And WHY does Cate Blanchett look like the Victorian inspired mirror I have in the spare bedroom!?!

    I think the only major disagreement I have with you is Michele Williams. I'm not really a big fan, but I think she looked understated and gorgeous. Love the dress, love her hair and LOVE the make-up!

  2. I totally agree with all your faves and dislikes. Gwyneth looked stunning in her Calvin Klein, I was dying over Amy Adams' navy number and Sandra looked awesome despite that tight do'.

    As for cringe-worthy moments, did you happen to see (maybe online?) Ryan Seacrest's interview with Michelle Williams, or one of the women from Good Morning America interviewing James Franco behind stage before the show? So awful!!

  3. I have to agree with your friend Farah, it's hilarious to see where we agree and disagree. I swear some of the comments you made I said verbatim on my blog and others I completely disagree with! Luckily, we both love the amazing Mr. Firth and agree on Sandra, Amy, Hailee, Mila, Natalie, Florence, Melissa, and Nicole.

    I'm blogging later this week about the ceremony itself, but I just have to get this out. Melissa Leo annoys the ever living crap out of me. Her acceptance speeches this whole season have been self-indulgent, overly dramatic, and contrived. She's putting on a show, and honestly, she's a better actor than that. Also, did you see her "Consider me" campaign? That just put me over the edge. I don't think she accidentally let the f-bomb slip, I think it was planned to get a response and make waves. It just rubs me entirely the wrong way.

    Anyways, back to the important stuff. I actually liked Cate Blanchett. I thought it was different and interesting. I realize I'm in the minority on this one, but so be it. And while I enjoyed Gwyneth's dress, I wasn't a huge fan of the accessories. They kind of ruined it for me. But more on my worst dressed later today on my blog! So glad you got to see at least part of the train wreck that was this year's Oscars!