Thursday, March 24, 2011

Crazy Month anyone out there?  Have you, my dear friends and readers, completely given up on me for my recent lack of posts?  I do apologize.  Profusely.  It's been a cuh-razy couple of weeks here in the K household.  My sister says that's no excuse and she might be right, but there it is.  This post is going to be a little all over the place, kinda like me lately.  So bear with me!

We had my wonderful and beautiful sister-in-law, T, visiting us for 2 weeks at the beginning of the month.  We had a wonderful time with her - C was spoiled rotten (which, lets face it, is the only way to be spoiled), and we enjoyed lots of good food, good wine, and - best of all - good conversation.  We miss her already and want her to come back ASAP, and next time she must bring her new hubby too!  

Anyways, then I had a week of doing "who-the-heck-knows-what, but apparently I was so busy I didn't have time to blog.  Sometimes life just takes over, especially when you have an almost 16 month old who is now running, climbing onto (low) furniture, dancing, 'singing', and 'chatting' up a storm ("uh-oh" is a new favourite).  She's an absolute riot.  I mean really.  Here's how she looked when we went for a walk this week in this BEAUTIFUL spring weather we've been having:

Glasses courtesy of Aunty T.  She loves them and doesn't even try to pull them off her face.  I can hardly stand the cuteness.

This week we also discovered the joy of climbing frames (or whatever they're called Stateside).  What we have not discovered, however, is gravity, which has given me several small heart attacks when C goes running for the stairs or large gaping whole to follow the big kids as they jump off.  I'm getting seriously fit running around it trying to keep up with her and keep her from seriously injuring herself.  

She also discovered daisies.  She was so stinkin' cute the way she carried them around so delicately and said "uh-oh" every time she dropped them.  Ahhh I love that girl.

In other news, I've joined a gym.  WOOHOO!  I've been doing Pilates steadily since before I had my daughter, but I decided that some much-needed cardio was in order.  So I joined a few weeks ago and am currently in the process of whipping my butt back into shape.  The threat of summer and pre-pregnancy summer clothes and bathing suits was enough to put the fear of God into me and got me back in the gym.  I have to say, though, I love it.  LOVE it!  I go first thing in the morning before the munchkin and the hubby get up and I feel so good and energized all day after it.  Spinning and weights - thats how I roll, and maybe it's all in my head but I feel fitter already.  

Anyways, I'm off to take munchkin for a walk because it's another beautiful day.  But before I go I am too excited not to congratulations my dear dear friend A and her hubby M on the arrival of their GORGEOUS baby boy who was born last night (or this morning, if you're here in Ireland) and who I've already fallen in love with!  Can't wait to meet him and kiss his little cheeks!

Have a wonderful day, everyone, and I promise - another post is coming soon!

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