Friday, November 2, 2012

A Brief Recap...

My decision to continue with this blog was not only to keep you all updated on our life, but also to chronicle our new 'life', as a reference for others who will follow us down this path in the future (as I did nothing but scour the blogosphere for information on what our future life might be like).  So, if you're not particularly interested in this part of our adventure I will beg your patience!  Here's a little update on life lately...

We've been back here in the States for just over a year.  We spent a lot of time in limbo and my in-laws were more than patient and generous with us in giving us a home for a huge chunk of time.  We had a sojourn in Columbus, Ohio for a few months due to husbands job.  We have some dear friends there so our time in the Buckeye state was brief but very enjoyable.  Said friends introduced us to Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream.  If you are ever in Columbus (or Nashville, apparently they have it there, too), do yourself a favor and experience Jeni's.  Apparently they carry a couple of flavors at our local Whole Foods; my waistline weeps at this news.
Someone LOOOVES Jeni's!
One day my husband received an offer for a job that fell into the "dream" category.  He was invited to join the US Foreign Service, with training beginning in September.  So, we packed up all our belongings (again) and made the move back to Northern Virginia.  We now reside in Falls Church (just outside of Washington, DC), in temporary housing provided by the Dept of State for Foreign Service (FS) families who are either beginning training in their A-100 course or for those FS families who are between assignments and in language training.  Our new home is lovingly referred to as "the dorms", partially because so many people here know each other (it's a small FS), as well as the fact that everyone has the same furniture, the same plates, glasses, linens.  Very uniform, but it does the job.

The wonderful thing is that State ships 700lbs of UAB (unaccompanied baggage) to your temporary apartment so we were able to bring some things that make it feel like the munchkin's toys, some of our own towels and linens, and - most importantly for moi - kitchen items.  I have missed my Le Creusets!  The rest of our things have been safely put away in storage to await our departure next August.
View of Georgetown from The Kennedy Center
But life here is great - we are a 10 minute drive from the District, a 10 minute walk from the metro, there's a convenience store, dry cleaners, playground, a pool (that, thanks to our very mild autumn so far, we have been able to enjoy), we have the space we need and the company of others who are sharing in the same adventure.  We have college friends, army friends and old friends nearby and my in-laws are a short drive away so we're able to enjoy time with people we hold near and dear before we head off next year.

It's Friday, I've had a crazy week and my brain craves some rest.  Next time I'll give you all the exciting details on where we're heading next!

Hope everyone had a spook-tacular Halloween.  Tinkerbell visited us...she was adorable.

Bon weekend, tout le monde!

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