Thursday, June 9, 2011

iPhone Photo Diary (AKA: Camera Phone Dump)

I know, I know - "Phone Dump" (taken from the root "Brain Dump") has to be one of the most disgusting phrases ever, but I couldn't think of anything else that worked quite as well.  Can you?  

Anyways, as the title suggests, I decided to upload some recent (as in, late February onward) photos from my iPhizzle to share with y'all just what we've been doing 'round here.  But first, to make you all crave your lunch (if you haven't had it yet), here's what I had a few hours ago:

A good ol' fashioned BLT (or BLTC, cause a sandwich ain't a sandwich without cheese, in my opinion). 'Scuse the crumbs on the plate, I as too focused on snapping a shot before I devoured it to worry about having a sparkling plate in shot.  It was delish and I highly recommend you try one if you haven't had one in a while - they never disappoint!  Streaky bacon, for you Irish folks, is a must - none of this thick-cut meaty bacon, it's just not the same. And I like my BLT with tons o' fresh ground pepper and mayo - as you can see.  I just can't understand you strange creatures who don't like mayo - but I love y'all anyways.

Ok back to the camera phone dump (it doesn't get better the more you hear it, does it?).  Here we go - this first one was taken at a Lebanese restaurant in Dublin - Munchers was chowing down on some pita bread and hummus, yumyum!

We considered entering her for Eurovision, cause she's far cuter than these two who copied her hairstyle, the cheeky monkeys.

Then there was the day I dressed her up in some of my old dresses that my parents kept for just such an occassion - I don't htink she liked those sleeves too much...

But how cute is she in this 'Bo Peep' one?  I wore those when I was 2.5 years old.  She's not even 18 months here!!

Then Aunty T came to visit in March and brought her these.....
Which even she thought she looked awesome in (which she did, of course)!
While T was here we started C's education in classic cinema (she sat like that for ages, entranced.  That's my daughter!).  Name that film, people - come on, you know it!

We went out and about with Uncle R, and to the park, too, of course.

 A year ago, on our visit Stateside, her Grandpa bought her Violet...
Who she loves.....
A lot!

 I dug out my old rocking chair from when I was a little one (must find a photo of me in it, too).  She loves it.  She also likes to stand up in it, but I'm too busy having a heart attack to take photos of that happening.  I want to recover the seat and fix it up a bit, so I'm looking out for some fun fabric for that project.  Note the return of the Elvis lip in this photo....
 In April, Grandma came to visit and bought C some sweet kicks....
 We also love hummus and we don't like to be interrupted for a photo shoot whilst enjoying said hummus:
Then May came, and with it came the cherry blossoms (jump for joy):
 We found out that C loves the cob.  I say the cob because she's not so hot on the corn, just the cob itself.

We also mastered climbing and going down the stairs.  Check out C on the move (down the stairs):

The Munchers has 2 men in her life - besides her Daddy,  Grandfathers, and Uncles, that is - Woody.  And Buzz.  The love affair is in full swing - she adores those two!
And here's a few more recent shots (isn't it nuts how long her hair got in a couple of months?!)

She does this when she wants me to tickle her chin.  Too cute!

Those last few photos are from last weekend when we had some seriously amazing weather.  It was so beautiful that look what happened to me:

I know, I know...cue the redneck jokes!  I am normally SO careful.  Cripes, was this sore!

So thats about it for today. Oh wait, does anyone know how the heck to scan these guys that I see everywhere?  I tried taking photos of it (obviously) but I just couldn't figure it out.  Help!!

Anyways, have a wonderful Thursday.  We're off somewhere fun for the weekend, and maybe I'll tell ya before I leave :)  If not, have a great weekend!!


  1. Grace - what lovely photos! C is the CUTEST!!!! and I love all the commentary!

  2. These pics of Carys are adorable! LOVE!
    The movie is, of course, All About Eve. I think I'm right. Am I right?
    Also, to scan those funny little codes download a QR reader onto your phone. There are free apps for it. They're called QR codes and once you download a reader, you'll use it to take a picture of it and it will take you to a website. Pretty cool!

  3. I love love love these photos of C! Your old dresses are precious! T has the corresponding boy version of Violet - he's called Scout. And my old rocking chair too! These babies have got to get together! :)