Thursday, June 16, 2011

Old School Kicks

I just saw these on the J.Crew website and I want them.  Now.

I love that they're bringing back these old school kicks (even though they are still around) in new colors.  I'm pretty sure I wore these guys in gray all during high school.  Along with another pair which I cannot find a photo of anywhere.  Come on guys and gals - if you went to HS with me you probably owned a pair yourself...they were off white, had (i think) stripes on the side, girls and guys wore them.  Agh I cant remember!  Can you? 

The 90's did some things right.  :)


  1. Fun fact: I STILL have my gray New Balances from high school. Pretty much the only piece of wardrobe I still have from back in the day.
    As far as the other shoes - are you talking about Adidas?

  2. Yes - I think you're exactly right that the other ones are Adidas (P said that to me last night too). You know the ones I mean, right? Everyone had them.