Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Life In Technicolor {Photos}

Well hello!  It has been a long time since I posted a real post (anniversary post excepted).  Life kinda got in the way there for a while.  

What have we been up to?  Here's a peek:

~ In February, P & I escaped for a weekend away.  It was our first weekend away by ourselves in a long time and it was much needed.  My sister- and brother-in-law were stars and watched C so we could have some down time in Cape May, NJ - a lovely, sleepy (in the winter) seaside town that was just what the doctor ordered.  We spent our last night in the historic Congress Hall.  It was perfect.
Congress Hall.     
Georges Place.  YUM!

~ On the way home, we detoured to NJ and visited my cousin, her husband, and adorable three little girls (plus friend)!  It was great to see them!

~ My daughter sleeps on her head, which, in the morning, can frequently result in this incredible sight (please note, I did not brush this - it took me 30 minutes to gently comb the tangles out): 

~ Trader Joes had daffodils in March.  Daffodils remind me of the garden of my childhood home in Rostrevor, N. Ireland (one of the most beautiful places in the world, IMO), which had hundreds of the most beautiful daffodils I've ever seen.  They never fail to make me happy. 

~ I made French Onion Soup (recipe from this book, which is a great little read, by the way).  It was DELISH.  

~ I am 'old school' when it comes to children's shoes - I favour traditional styles.  I used to wear ones exactly like this when I was a little girl.   I think there's nothing cuter, although I'm sure she'll grow to hate them by age 7 like I did for a brief time.  Hopefully she'll fall in love with them again when she has little feet of her own to dress. (Photo by C).
Check out my shoes.

~ This exists (#griffendor4eva):

~ We took C to the circus for the first time - she was mesmerised - after which, she had great fun playing the (sassy) tattooed lady.

~ C's subconscious, as-yet undiscovered love for Great Britian reveals itself in the strangest ways...

~ We had a mother/daughter date a Super Why Live!  She looooved it!

~ At an evening of Opera in the Outfield, featuring Show Boat, C had a brilliant time playing dress up in the costumes before the show.  Here, C contemplates possibilities inspiration for her future wedding gown....

...but clearly favoured a more Elizabethan look:

...and she loved watching the show with her little diplo-friend, who is off to Copenhagen with her parents this summer for their next Foreign Service adventure (her Mom, by the way, has a fabulous blog - definitely check it out).

~ We took a much needed family holiday in Florida, visiting my Grandmother-in-law who lives beside my husband's childhood haunt of Pass-A-Grille Beach.  It was relaxing and just what we needed.  It was also C's first time on a beach - we could hardly get her out of the water!

We had a very experienced pilot.
The beautiful Gulf.
The Sea Horse Restaurant - a must on every visit.
My little cutie.

~ We went to a beautiful wedding in West Point, NY.  C danced the afternoon and evening away in a tent in the beautiful gardens of the Superintendant's House.

~ C was VERY excited about her new butterfly and fairy dress from her Aunty R.

~ She also paid tribute to the late Esther Williams by re-inventing the swimmer's underwater ballets on dry land.

~ Saturdays have become Daddy/Daughter donut days - they go get their donuts (and a Starbucks tea for me) while I sleep a little longer.  We all love this new tradition.  :)

~ Despite the wacky weather we've been having, we've been able to sneak in a few days poolside.  It's a tough life for some...

~ This past weekend, we visited by best friend since I was 10 years old.

...She lives with her lovely little family in Connecticut.  Her oldest daughter is 6 weeks older than C, and they hit it off like their Mamas did.  It made our hearts happy. :)

~ We went to Boston for the day where we attempted to go to the aquarium (tourist-overload-fail) and met up with my cousin and his family.

~ And finally, we (and by we I mean C) have spent a LOT of time dancing.  To anything and everything.  But lately, to this movie which, if you know me, you'll know makes me very, very happy.  :)  

~ I won't be able to photograph the tiny little thing that has made us most happy these last few months.  He or she should be joining us around New Years Day, and we can hardly wait!

If you're still with me after the squillion photos I just posted, you deserve a pat on the back.  And possibly a stronger drink than coffee.  :)  

Have a lovely day, everyone!

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