Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Our Bags Are Packed....

It's hard to believe but today is the day C & I leave the States, most likely for a couple of years.  We're off to Ireland (via Paris) to spend three and a half weeks with my family.  P will join us soon for part of that time (we miss him already) in August, before we head to our new, tropical home toward in about a month.

Last Thursday, the movers came and packed our life up into big brown boxes, to be shipped to us in Mauritius,  (we hope) very soon.  P & I were counting, and in our 8 years of marriage we've seen our lives put into boxes 11 times.  Now you see why the Foreign Service is such a perfect fit for us!

We miss our American family and friends already - please keep in touch!  See you on the other side! 


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