Friday, July 26, 2013

We Made It... Ireland (this time next month we'll be in Mauritius, don't worry!).

We are lucky to have an excellent little traveller, even if she doesn't sleep on the plane!

The trip over was as smooth as a long trip like that can go.  We flew from Dulles to Paris (on the biggest plane I've ever seen/been on in my entire life, an Airbus a380.  It's like a tank with wings - I could hardly believe my eyes!), arriving at 5:30 in the morning and had to wait until 10:15am for our flight to Dublin.  C didn't sleep on either flight but crashed for 3 hours in the stroller at Charles de Gaulle. Thank goodness for these fabulous chaise lounge-esque little clouds of comfort scattered throughout the terminal.  Can't begin to describe how much I appreciated these while C stroller-snoozed. 

We made it to Dublin happily, in one piece.  Aunty R was at the airport to meet us, we were both "so glad to see her" (this is C's favourite thing to say these days, btw).

Yesterday we took a looong nap and enjoyed a beautiful afternoon at the playground.

Nothing beats Ireland when the weather is like this.
On this, our second full day in Ireland, we woke to blue skies and warm temperatures.  C and I took the Dart (train) to Howth and spent a perfect morning there - popped in for a quick decaf coffee, went to the playground, walked along to see the seals and the boats.  We tried to go last night and got positively drenched in an American-style downpour!  It was fun, though, I must admit.


Indulging in a chocolate croissant on the Dart home. 

Right now I'm making a late lunch listening to the pitter-pat of my daughters tiny feet getting out of bed.  Since we arrived here, she refuses to go to sleep without me going to sleep in the room with her. This is completely out of sorts for her (she's a fantastic sleeper, normally) and it's driving me crazy as I don't want to start that habit, but so far it's the only way she's getting sleep.  I'm just not sure what to do about it - I've never dealt with a jet-lagged 3 year old before (although I'd better get used to it).  Anyone with tips to share is more than welcome - nearing desperation here!!

Tomorrow we're off to the other coast to stay at my parents house for a while.  Looking forward to a weekend full of family (minus my hubby - missing you!).

Happy weekend, everyone!

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