Friday, December 10, 2010

Fly-Away Friday: the Maldives

In my mind, right now, I'm here:
In reality, however, I'm still here:
(The snow has melted a lot since this photo was taken, but I'm claiming artistic license on this one).  I'm getting a little sick of the ice.  Ok - I'm REALLY sick of the ice.  Snow, I love.  Ice, not so much.  Not at all, in fact.  It started melting today but it's going to take a while, and I'm not being patient about it!

So...for my "dream-cation" this weekend, I'm off to the Maldives.  Have you ever been?  Please tell me if you have!  I think it looks like heaven.  Honestly, look...

I would stay at Cocoa Island (As usual, I've won the lotto prior to this trip!):

An ocean villa?  Yes, please!  I love the pared down, comfortable elegance of these rooms.

How cute are they?
And the view...did I mention the view?!
I'd eat lunch here:
And dinner here....

I'd spend a lot of time here:
And here:

Here's what I'd be packing:
Issa Printed silk kaftan
$500 -
Print tops »

Copy Cat Waisted D Ring Bikini
215 AUD -
Lycra swimwear »

Bottega Veneta White sandals
320 GBP -
White shoes »

Tom Ford Charles
$340 -
Aviators sunglasses »

Trunks & Bags Beach Towel
$515 -

Anyone actually going anywhere?  Bon week-end, everyone!


  1. Well I would be going there with you on my 'dream-cation' because I've ALWAYS wanted to go there and Allan (get this!) thinks it might be boring!
    But for a more realistic break away to the sun this winter, I would choose Marrakesh and I would stay here ( amazing riad just beside the Souk that Allan and I visited and swore we would come back and stay in!

  2. I've never been, but can you take me along on your dream vacation?!?! =) It sounds amazing...