Friday, December 3, 2010

Fly-Away Friday: Santa Land!

The lead-up to Christmas is one of the most enjoyable times of the year for me - the Christmas music on repeat, the tree, the decorations, the crispness in the air, the Christmas movies, the hot cocoa, mince pies and cookies - I love it all!  The blanket of snow that Dublin is covered in makes me quite happy to stay here this weekend, as does the fact that I'll be seeing these guys (with these guys opening) at the O2 on Sunday night:
So. Excited.

If I were to escape Dublin this weekend I'd definitely want to savour that Christmassy feeling, so snow is a requirement.  And where better to enjoy a Christmassy weekend and bring out your inner child than in Santa's home - Lapland...

When you're there you can post your letter to Santa at his very own post office, tour his 'office', and visit the man himself in Santa Park.  You can hang with the elves in their workshop or pick up some elf-pointers in their very own elf school.  They also have a gingerbread man 'factory' where you can eat gingerbread men and drink mulled wine to your heart's content.  That's where you'd find me.  :)

But what happens if you don't have kids or you're craving a more adult kind of getaway?  Is Lapland out of the question?  Of course not!  Instead of Santa's village you could stay here....

This is Snow Village, folks.  A hotel, restaurant, and bar all made from ice and snow.  They have log cabins, too, for the not so cold natured.  You can stay overnight, pop in for a quick look (for a small fee) or have a guided tour (for a slightly bigger fee).  The most fascinating part of this whole thing is that every year they reconstruct the entire village.  From their website:

"For the winter season 2010-2011 the Snow Village will be created for the 10th time. The annual construction of the Snow Village begins when the temperature drops about ten degrees below zero which is usually at the end of October or the beginning of November. Approximately 1,5 million kilos of snow and 300 000 kilos of crystal clear, natural ice are used for the construction. The constructors, specialized in using snow and ice as building material, are constantly developing new tools and instruments for snow construction and exploring innovative ways of taking this art form into new levels."

How nuts is that?!  I'd love to see Lapland but there's no way I'm sleeping on a block of ice!  Santa Land it is!  Here's what I'd be packing (disclaimer: I'm dressing for fun, not practicality, of course!).

Who's going away this weekend?  Fill me in!

Happy weekend, friends!

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  1. Grace- I have been obsessed with the Santa excursions to lapland ever since my MIL told me that her students would take daytrips from Edinburgh! The next time we're there for Christmas this is DEFINITELY on the agenda! Love your blog- keep it hearing about your life in Ireland and motherhood!