Tuesday, December 7, 2010

There's less than 3 weeks 'till Christmas....


Are you ready? I'm certainly not!  We're still working out our Christmas menu, I have more shopping to do and more Christmas movies to watch!!  This weekend we're heading West to decorate the house for Christmas.  I'm excited to do this as we are not doing a tree in our apartment this year (sniff sniff).  As we're spending Christmas with my parents and we have a toddler, we decided no tree was the best thing for our sanity (I can't even imagine the havoc C would wreck with a tree at her disposal!).  So, although our streets are lined with a 3" block of ice, I braved the elements and headed into town this weekend to really get in the spirit.

The weekend started on Friday night with this vision:
It's a little hard to tell from this photo but that's P in his coat, scarf, cap and suit trousers tucked into his WELLIES.  Blazing trails in fashion, this man.

On Saturday morning, my sister, C and I went for a wander through the park and saw this ginormous snowman:
Can you see the little boy beside it?  It's enormous!
Impressive, huh?  As we don't really have the festive holiday stuff indoors this year, I decided to head into town to get into the spirit whilst doing some Christmas shopping.

The lights were up on Grafton Street (excuse the bad photo):
The shop windows got a festive makeover and it makes window shopping so much more fun!

Here are the windows at Brown Thomas:
images: blondorexic.blogspot.com 

A modern doll house in Bewleys:

 Hilarity at Ted Baker:

Sunday morning called for some relaxing.....
....before heading out to see Arcade Fire at the O2.  They were FANTASTIC.  I was so mad that I forgot my camera, so All I have are some pretty shoddy camera phone pics.  Still, they were great and it was a fantastic night out!

And what better way to get in the spirit than with some music.  Here's what I am listening to right now, from 1976 by you-know-who!  :)

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


  1. Such a fun post! Patrick is truly a trendsetter and that second picture of him and Carys literally made me laugh out loud.
    And those windows are incredible! I just bought the most gorgeous Ted Baker dress for a friend's wedding and can't wait to wear it! Have a very merry Christmas Grace!!

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog Grace! I am LOVING your blog. It is so much fun to read and keep up with you guys. I especially love your fashion updates and of course pictures and stories about sweet Carys. She is a doll! I hope you guys have a wondefulf holiday season-despite not having a tree. (You should get a small one to put up on a table.) Oh and I do love that video of your sweet mom!

  3. Awwww look at how cute ..err..handsome Patrick looks in his Wellies!

    I'm dying over those Brown Thomas windows! Amazing!!

  4. Oh my goodness, where did you find WELLIES in brother's size? Awesomeness.