Thursday, December 2, 2010

Winter Wonderland (or, the blizzard of 2010)

We're having some unusual weather in Dublin this week.  Typically November/December is pretty cold and rainy.  This year, however, things are going a little different.  It's cold, alright, but it's white.  Beautiful and white!  I've never seen so much snow in Ireland and no one quite knows what to do with themselves!  C is totally confused but I think she thinks the snowflakes are pretty cool!

The view from our window with the snow clouds coming in last night:

A blizzard like this (yes, a blizzard...we Irish NEVER exaggerate) requires some special apparel to navigate the streets unscathed.  I noticed (after almost falling on my face) that my boots had no traction whatsoever, and that my feet were freezing off, so I decided some wellies were in order. Amazingly, I've been living back in Ireland for three years and have never owned a pair in my adult life, a decision I have been sorely regretting this week.  So today I decided that the insanity had to end and I ventured out to buy my first pair of grown up wellies!   So off C and I went, enjoying the snow that was lightly falling.  I decided that putting C in the Bjorn and taking the bus was the only feasible way to go (strollers + snow = disaster!) and off we went:

I went to every store I could think of that might sell wellies.  Turns out all the women in Dublin had the same idea as me and beat me to the punch.  I could not find ONE pair in Dublin city center!  Guess I'll just have to order the Hunters I've been coveting (black, size 6 - thanks, Santa).  Just kidding...I'd be on the naughty list for that.  :)  I did, however, get distracted by a fab leopard coat in Penneys (Primark for you gals in the UK) which is now on my Christmas list.  The photo really doesn't do it justice, but I found a pic of it in action.  For 40, how can you beat that?!
 image from
After that diversion I walked outside and saw that the snow decided that it was time to really start coming down.  Here's the view from O'Connell Bridge: 

Windows of the Audi dealership in Ballsbridge

Some photos the hubster captured today:
Grand Canal

Baggot Street 

Here's hoping tomorrow's a snow day.  Happy Thursday, everyone!

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