Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Turkey Day (And Other Adventures)

Well, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday - I hope you all did too.  We're feeling pretty exhausted from it still, especially with a jet-lagged baby, but it was so worth it!  

Our thanksgiving was full of family, fun, amazing food and lots and lots of travel!  We started our journey aboard the nicest Aer Lingus plane I've ever been on with our little traveler - she was so well behaved and charmed everyone on board.  Who could blame them?  Baby Einstein and a portable DVD player really helped when she got a little bored.

Our first day in Virginia we went for what P & I have a really hard time finding here in Ireland...delicious Mexican food! (However, for you Dubliners, Pablo Picante on Baggot Street makes some amazing burritos for a quick meal on the go).  C had her first tortilla chip and LOVED it, but not so much that she couldn't share with her Aunty T!

Since our little girl is having a very big birthday next week, we decided some early celebrations with her Virginia family were in order!  
Lemon cupcakes with cream cheese frosting went down a treat - she LOVED them.
She got some fabulous presents - Biscuit (her favourite book series), and a fab coat that her mother wishes came in her size!

And a towel from her Uncle T that her Daddy may never give her back:
After too-short a time in Virginia, we hit the road to drive 6 hours north to West Point to what has now become an annual tradition of spending Thanksgiving with the H family.  General and Mrs. H have been friends with my in-laws since they were all young army couples (sans children) back at Ft. Lewis, WA and then again - with kids - in Germany.  I hear there are some pretty hilarious bath photos of the H and K children but unfortunately I don't have access to those to share with you (can you hear the sigh of relief coming from my hubby?!).  Anyways, we were all together minus the second H son, who is currently deployed to Afghanistan - please say a prayer for his safety and swift return.

Thanksgiving morning began with pumpkin pancakes and then proceeded as it always does - with the K family Turkey Bowl.  This year, however, the guys had a much more exciting setting for the big game.  My sister-in-law, C and I made it for the last 30 seconds, but that was long enough for us - it was FREEZING!
My handsome hubby freezing his hiney off
After the game and some serious de-thawing at the house, and we introduced the two newest members to the annual Thanksgiving celebrations.

Then the festivities really began!  We celebrated with old friends, new friends, and family. The General's permanent quarters are currently being renovated, but his temporary digs are pretty beautiful, too:
Mrs. H packed about 30 people in the dining room for dinner - 72lbs of turkey, endless sides and a bevy of desserts later, we were all ready for a great big nap.  No such luck, however, as the kiddies kept us all on our toes.
The General, tinkling the ivories

You might think my sweet husband is trying to give me a kiss and horrible ol' me is rejecting him.
Have no pity for him.  Look closer - he's reaching for his BEER.
These buddies have the kind of closeness that only sharing a bath when you're a toddler can create.
We relaxed on Friday.  The General took us for a tour of West Point, which was fabulous and I will create a separate post for.  Saturday we had to say goodbye to everyone - always the worst part of a vacation.  We snapped a farewell shot, only the General was missing.
Two good lookin' men carrying their baby girls =  chick magnets.  Trust me.
No lights yet, but we didn't mind
We had such a brilliant time and it went by much too fast (isn't that always the way?).  We're already trying to plan our next trip!

I'll be back soon with pics from our West Point tour.  In the meantime, how was your Thanksgiving??

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