Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

...in my book, anyway!  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas, it's definitely my favourite holiday, and Spring and Summer are always most welcome after the cold, dark winter, but there's just something about Autumn on the whole that makes me sing!  The changing leaves, the crispness of the air, pumpkins, spiced apple cider, butternut squash and pumpkin pie.  And the fashion.  There's nothing like fall fashion that makes me want to just go out and shop.  Patrick hates this part about the Autumn.  :)

I was in NY recently for a good friend's wedding.  She chose Lake George as her location and it could not have been more perfect - in every way.  The changing leaves and ice blue water of the lake were the most spectacular back drop for the newlyweds, and I got to experience what we don't get much of in Ireland:

...the leaves. Oh, the leaves.  We had the most colourful Autumn that I can remember in Ireland this year, but nothing compares to the North Eastern US for colourful Autumns.   Look how beautiful my friend and her new hubby looked:
(photo courtesy of their amazing photographer, Joe Elario)

I also got to have this: 

Ahhh, the pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks.  How I missed you! Listen up, Starbucks Ireland - add this to your menu, please.  You won't regret it. 

This Autumn, as a new Mother, I, of course, wanted to give C all the Autumn experiences that other children have (never mind that she isn't even a year old yet!).  One American tradition that I love, but never experienced myself, is going to the pumpkin patch.  Now, Ireland is only really getting the hang of pumpkins.  They've always made an appearance at Halloween but other than that they're hard to come across (particularly in food and drinks - sob!).  So my sister and I searched high and low and she found the one and only pumpkin patch in Ireland just outside Drogheda in Laytown.  That was the extent of the information we found so one Saturday morning the hubby, C and I ventured out to find this pumpkin patch.  We found it - on a farm.  Compared to its US counterparts, this pumpkin patch was definitely on the small side but we picked a perfect pumpkin and C got to see young turkeys, chickens and her favourite, dogs.

She had so much fun, as did we!  My sister came over and we spent a day making all kinds of delicious Autumn foods and carved our little punky.  It was the perfect way to kick off the Autumn.

Here are some more things that make my Autumn merry and bright:

J.Crew - in Sea Salt, Warm Taupe, or even Dark Cypress.  I love the '50s lines of this coat.

Given the forecast for Dublin, a pair of these wedge wellies might be a wise investment!

I've been after a leather jacket for quite some time.  

My parents had a Globetrotter and it reminds me of holidays from my childhood.  This lemon one would be perfect for our Thanksgiving holiday, and we definitely wouldn't lose it on the baggage claim belt.
Martha Stewart's Ginger Pumpkin Bread recipe. Delish!

Butternut Squash Soup?  Yes, please!

What are your Autumn faves and must-haves?


  1. Grace, that's a great one. You make me miss Autumn and I didn't think I'd ever miss it at all! Here in Bangkok it's scorching hot, thank god for the
    air con in our hotel room. I love these photos of Carys, each day she's getting more and more beautiful, and how big she is! What are you planning to do for her 1st birthday? Love xx e

  2. You pretty much covered what I love about autumn, except I also love the smell of fires burning that always comes at this time :)
    I think Autumn is the tastiest season for food and its also my favorite fashion season!

  3. I love your blog! So exciting to keep in touch with you and be reminded why you are so amazing! And if you get some spare time, could you please update my blog??...it's a teeny bit behind

  4. Autumn is my absolutely favorite season. I love that you guys went to the trouble of finding a pumpkin patch for Carys - complete with gobblers!

    Ewa, if you can get to the north the weather is much cooler and the mountains are absolutely stunning. Also, the Queen Mother's gardens at Doi Tong (near Chiang Rai) are beyond compare this time of year!

  5. I love the wedge wellies! And I had my homemade butternut squash soup for lunch today!!! Snap!xx

  6. I love your blog! I am so glad you decided to start writing... And I could not agree with you more about fall. It is hands down the best for fashion, food, and all things well, autumnal! :) Hehe.
    Everything from mulled cider, to pumpkin bread, fingerless gloves, a cute cloche hat, and lots and lots of scarves! :) I made this http://find.myrecipes.com/recipes/recipefinder.dyn?action=displayRecipe&recipe_id=50400000107013
    for a party recently and it was DELCIOUS. You freeze the cranberries in the ice cube trays.... very "Martha Stewart-esque."
    And of course how could we forget fun H&M costume jewelry, right Grace??? Lots of love sending your way keep the blog coming...