Friday, November 12, 2010

Fly-Away Friday: Paris!

Happy Friday, all!

My sister is in Sweden for the weekend.  Are you going somewhere too?

I must admit, I was a little jealous that she's off for a weekend to explore a (cooooold) Scandinavia, and it got me thinking: if I could jet off somewhere for the weekend, where would I go?

Instantly I think Paris.  If you know me, you know it's my favourite city du monde.  Yes, I've been there many times - I've even lived there.  I have not, however, visited it during my favourite time of year.  Therefore, Paris it is!  Here's what my weekend in Paris would look like (no holds barred, bien sur).  

I would stay at L'Hotel.  Pourquoi, you ask?  Look at it:

Isn't it glamorous?  And cozy and chic all at the same time?  It's in one of my absolute favourite parts of Paris, St-Germain-des-Pres, and it's surrounded by beautiful art galleries, cafes and, of course, fabulous boutiques.  The hotel itself boasts a Michelin star restaurant called, of course, Le Restaurant (how drole).  It was remodelled by Jacques Garcia and was apparently the place to go in the swingin' sixties.  It was also where (Dublin native) Oscar Wilde spent his final days.  I would love to stay in a place so steeped in history! 

I'd be eating steak-frites here:
Au Vieux Comptoir - it's absolutely delicious.

And lets not forget shopping Merci, in the Marais - a must for design lovers (and Anthropologie fans!)
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And at one my of favourite haunts, Shakespeare and Company.  A must-visit.
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Must get to Hediard for gourmet goodies....

...and Pierre Herme for macaroons.
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Shop a little at Colette and....

Then I'll do what I love best in Paris - just wander.  Along the Seine and through the streets taking in these sights:

And of course the Seine at night...

 On my way back to L'Hotel, I'll probably grab a banana-nutella crepe somewhere in the Quartier Latin.
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I'd be packing these, in my Globetrotter, of course.....
$125 -
$1,295 -
$35 -

Bon week-end!


  1. Next time I come to Stockholm you will have to come too! It's a beautiful city with fantastic shopping and it feels so christmasey- there's even snow! See you next week...Miss you! x

  2. So fun!!! that sounds like a fabulous weekend...I think I will join you!

  3. So fun!!! that sounds like a fabulous weekend...I think I will join you!

  4. Oh Paris....what a fabulous time we time we won't be ordering those magnum bottles of wine :)

  5. If I could fly anywhere this weekend (given that I'm limited by it being a long weekend), I'd head to somewhere on the Adriatic. I want to see castles and old sh*t, but I also want some beach time. I wouldn't mind another week in Paris to see some museums, though.