Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I'm in a shopping kinda mood - but that's not going to happen right now so internet-window-shopping it is.  Today's pick: Anthropologie, of course.  I've picked things I love for me and my body type, but there are other beautiful things that just wouldn't suit me so do go look!  Also, I'd have to win the lottery for this wardrobe (why is Anthro so 'spensive lately?), but hey, a girl can dream...

Bear with me, I wanna buy a lot of stuff today!

Makes me think of Mad Men

Swimsuit season - AGHH! I'm all about the one-piece these days (although they have equally cute two-pieces, I'm loving retro style two-pieces the most!).  Does the amazing supermodel figure come included?

And while we're at it I'll take this, cause I'm craving a geometric/zig-zag rug and yellow is making me happy right now (see dresses above):
These sheets, cause I love me some ikat but I don't think I want my whole bed to be it:
This, cause although I'm a Le Creuset girl, I hear Staub's are brilliant and that color: to.die.
These, because I love blown glass and have always wanted tumblers like this:
These, because they're the most ladylike steak-knives I've ever seen, and Laguiole is pretty good, too.

Ok, I'm off to go shoe shop for my little munchkin with my Mother-in-law.  Woohoo.  But you'd better tell me what your recent Anthro-buys or cravings this season are.  Go on, make me jealous...

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  1. Oh Anthro. Why must you torture me so? And such cute bathing suits! Too bad one pieces make me look even more short and squatty. Here's a promise: if I ever win the lottery, you will get an Anthro allowance from me! Love you!

  2. Oh my friend, you have hit on my latest obsession. I recently got a great shirt and dress from Anthro. Cost my entire shopping budget for the month, but so worth it. Love that green shirt and I've been coveting that navy blue one piece swimsuit. Seriously considering splurging on that for summer!

  3. Your shopping posts are getting me in some big trouble...especially the girls bathing suit post!! I don't think Virginia was 24 hours old before I pulled that post back up and was shopping for cute swimsuits for her! I ended up with a cute Kate Mack bubble one but found the bella bliss one that your sweet angel was sporting in the picture (I got the pink/white stripe) so I'm sending the Kate Mack back. Now I will be heading to Anthro when W heads to school on Friday!