Friday, April 29, 2011

Fairytale Friday: Princess Catherine

What else could I write about today but THE Princess and THE dress!  I've been watching live footage of the guests arriving, etc since 8:30AM this morning and I just love it all - I don't care what anyways says (including dear hubby who couldn't give two straws about all this).

While there is more than just the bride's dress to discuss, let's talk about her first, shall we? Personally, I love it.  I've heard some criticism that it's "too safe" and "boring" but I completely disagree.  If I were a Princess-Bride-To-Be, I'd understand that I would be expected not to make any huge fashion statements and would be required to go for classic elegance rather than donning what a daring fashionista would choose.  That's not Kate's style anyway, why would she do otherwise on the most important day of her life?  She is wearing a stunning ivory gown - sating with long lace sleeves and a deep v-neck.  The box-pleating in the front was designed to look like an opening flower (a detail which I thought was beautiful alternative than the more harsh lines that a box-pleat can create).   The dress also features a rose, a thistle, a shamrock and a daffodil, representing each nation in the UK.  I love the diamond drop earrings, too!

Her veil was simple and hung beautifully and her Halo tiara (on loan from the Queen) was elegant and perfect.  Everything was just slightly understated (which is more than can be said for the meringue-like monstrosities worn by her mother-in-law and that other red-headed 'princess' who married at Westminster in the '80s, I actually remember watching that one live).  I just love it.

Love the detail at the back - beautiful!

The dress was also a nod to that other commoner-turned-princess from the 50s, but is definitely different enough to escape being a called a copy.

And what of the men?  I thought Prince William looked absolutely dashing in his red Irish Guard military regalia.  Harry looked very handsome as well but his posture is dreadful (my guess is he's a slight bit under the weather!) - take notes from your big brother, Harry!

The Queen looked lovely in lemon, but to me she wears the same thing in a different color every time.

Pippa's dress was ruined for me by those sleeves.  Also was surprised that she wore white, but she did look gorgeous.  And those little flower girls - adorable!  Love those dresses.

Carole played it safe and elegant in this sky blue mother-of-the-bride ensemble by Diana's favorite designer.

Camilla looked elegant.  The dress was not my cup of tea, but she looked very well.

Princess Beatrice wearing the worst (Phillip Treacy) hate of the day.  And Prince Andrew looking rather old.  

Another view of the hat.  Don't mind the dress so much, although the color is very blah.  What is Eugenie thinking, though, in that blue floral disaster and hat to match?  Not to be horrible (brace yourself) but clearly they get their fashion sense from their mother.

Posh and Becks looking almost royal.  Quite like that Phillip Treacy hat, and her dress is simple and elegant.  And him...what can one say except :swoon:  :)

The next royal wedding:  Prince Albert of Monaco and his fiance Charlene Whittstock.

Princess Anne looking rather colourful.  In a word: awful.

And, finally, sealed with a royal kiss:

What did you think?  Do tell...


  1. Thanks for sharing these pics and commentary. You should have your own People magazine UK style!

    Love you,
    Mama B

  2. I absolutely love her dress. It's completely made me rethink sleeves. She did an amazing job, it's classic and traditional yet still modern at the same time. Great pictures!