Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globes 2011: Bests and (lots of) Worsts

Well, the Golden Globes were last night (YAY Awards Season!).  While I did not get to watch Mr. Gervais' controversial jokes or see the big wins as they happened, it did not stop me from ogling the fashion (which, lets face it, is one of the best parts of any awards show).  I did hear that the event was a shocker anyways - NO wins for Mad Men?!?!  I was thrilled for Colin Firth, however, and Natalie, too!  I wish I could comment more on the show but having not seen it (sob), I can't.

Ok, back to the fashion.  There was a whole lot of blah on the red carpet last night, I thought.  So much so that I had to put in my worst-dressed pics.  Ok, I'll stop blabbering, here are my picks for best and worst.

I couldn't pick just one.  I really couldn't.  My best dressed award(s) go to (drumroll please.....):

Claire Danes.  She looked absolutely beautiful in this beautiful pink Calvin Klein gown.  Her hair is perfect, her makeup just right.  Simple and understated but absolutely glamorous, she's gorgeous.

Diana Agron. Her beautiful J. Mendel gown looks perfect on her. That is a hard colour to wear (and maybe it isn't my favorite color), but she has the elegance of an old hollywood star, her hair is perfect, her make up lovely. Her accessories are beautiful.  She just looks perfect.

Dianna Agron in J. Mendel

And now the rest (in no particular order):

Simple and beautiful (you can't really tell here but it's entirely sequined).  Her hair in this photo doesn't look too great, though.
Nicole Kidman in Prada
There were the requisite LBD's...
I actually quite liked this dress on Annette Benning.  It's age appropriate but not too old looking.  I like the sheer arms.  She looks great I think - I mean it is Tom Ford... :)

Eva Longoria in elegant Zac Posen:

Olivia Wilde in a beautiful Marchesa gown (a little too-too much for me, but beautifully crafted all the same):

Green was the colour of the night, which was a-ok by me, I love it. I loved Angelina in this a-little-bit-40s-a-little-bit-80s number:
Angelina in Atelier Versace
Mila Kunis looked lovely in this one-shouldered beauty by Vera Wang.  Her simple hair did not distract from the dress, nor did her minimal jewelry:
Loved Elizabeth Moss in this Donna Karan gown, but her hair?!  It looks like it needs a serious brush and styling...

My girl Catherine looking as beautiful as ever.  But I almost don't see the dress cause she's so pretty.  Which is probably not a bad thing, the fabric is a you say....too much.  I love Monique Lhullier but this dress wouldn't be my favorite.

There was a lot of other colour on the red carpet.  Sofia Vergara looking hot in a fiesty red Vera Wang number...

Kyra Sedgwick looked beautiful in pumpkin-hued Emilio Pucci:

Note to Miley Cyrus:  this is how a young teenager should dress for an awards show (you might be 18 now but I remember what you wore a few years ago).  I think Hailee looked beautiful and fresh, just as a 14 year old should look:
Hailee Steinfeld in Prabul Gurung

Loved this 30's inspired gown on Sandra Bullock (I also love her hair, it suits her and it's a nice dramatic change to contrast her look from last year, although maybe a bit shorter in the bangs/fringe).
Sandra in Jenny Packham
{note:  did anyone else notice the huge amount of wedding gown designers featured on the red carpet this year, besides the usual suspects, that is (yes, I mean you, Vera and Monique)}

Jane Krakowski looked beautifully in bloom in her beautiful slate blue gown:
Jane Krakowski in Badgley Mishka
I seriously debated putting this in a section of it's own, but I'll put it in the best dressed.  But her face just sums this dress up for me.  It's very pretty, lovely color, love the ruffles.  But I'm bored with it.  I feel lik ewe've seen this same dress in varying colors in the last few awards show.  Don't you?  Something different would be nice.
Lea Michele in Oscar de la Renta


Despite this monstrosity....
...there are other gowns, in my book, which are just as worth of the "worst dressed" award.  Like this one...
What. The. H-E-L-L.  This is the worst thing I've seen in a long time.  It might win worst dressed for me. Daisies?!  Beige (burlap, it looks like!)?!  The colour is all wrong (if you want to do a beigy-neutral right as a blonde, take notes from Diana Agron).  This is just awful.  I can hardly even write that it's Valentino, it looks like it came off a K-Mart clearance rack (no offense, K-Mart).  TERRIBLE.
Michelle Williams in Valentino

This one is half-in/half-out of my worst dressed list.  I love Natalie.  She killed it Black Swan (and was deservedly recognised for that last night) and normally I think she looks fantastic in whatever she wears.  And while she does look beautiful and glowing (and very newly expecting)....that dress!  Seriously.  I think if the stem of the rose was missing I may like it much better.  Hmm...maybe not.  Not my favorite choice, Natalie.  You'd better bring it for the Oscars!
Natalie Portman in Viktor & Rolf

No explanation needed, just another terrible choice from Tilda Swinton:
Tilda Swinton in Jil Sander

I wish Jennifer Jones would stop it with the weirdo space-suit looking dresses.  Just no.
January Jones in Versace

This just annoys me.  We ALL know you're hot and you've got a beautiful body.  Please put some clothes on.
Hallee Berry in Nina Ricci

I'm not sure where to even start here.  When a woman is blessed with's normally not advisable to wear tons of ruffles or appliqués on top of those..assets..because it makes them larger than life, shall we say.  It's particularly not advisable to wear said ruffles on top of said assets when they start to block your line of vision.  She's gorgeous, I love her and I think she's fantastic for flaunting her curves, but this  Definitely not.
Christina Hendricks in Ramona Keveza

Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer.  What is this?  It's like she grabbed a tablecloth on her way out of the house in case she got cold.  Her hair is too harshly pulled back and her earrings are too bling with that blingy shall and blingy cuff and blingy bag.  Too too much.  
J. Lo in Zuhair Morad.

I'm not a fan of this one - it's a little 'knight of the round table chain-mail" looking, and the pouffy sleeves/shoulder pads are a no-go for me.
Anne Hathaway in Armani Prive

And look at the back of it (I hope she didn't bend over much):

It's hard to tell where Emma Stone's skin ends and the dress begins in this Calvin Klein gown, which is definitely not a good thing when the gown is shapeless, high necked with bad sleeves and is sorbet orange in color:

I hate this (the hubby claims it's just because I don't like her, but that's definitely not the case).  It's like she's trying to have wings.  Or she's trying to hide some unsightly upper arms.  It's a dress for someone much older (maybe she borrowed it from her great grandmother?), and she just looks dowdy in it.
Scarlett Johannson in Elie Saab
From the waist down I love this - the draping is lovely, the detail on the waistband is beautiful.  But the top?!  I feel like a big flirt would wear this - it's like she's daring people to come look.  Not my thing at all.
Jennifer Love Hewitt in Ramona Keveza

Christina Aguilera....enough said.

Heidi Klum looks like a hot mess in the Marc Jacobs thing:

THE GENTLEMENI can't leave you with those awful images, so let's talk about the men!  We just can't forget the men.  

Hello boyfriend  Mr. Darcy  Colin Firth (in Tom Ford, natch) holding his well-deserved Golden Globe for his fantastic performance in The Kings Speech.

Geoffrey Rush looking dapper in Burberry (look, he even accessorized!):

My other boyfriend Ryan Gosling - dashing as always - in Ferragamo:

Jeremy Renner looking great in all black:

Jake Gyllenhaal in Burberry:

Never one to conform, Robert Downey Jr looking more casual but still fabulous in Prada:

I hardly recognize him without his Mad Men hair (lol), but John Hamm is looking just as elegant in Armani:

A vampire and our new Spiderman:

Who were your best and worsts?

Now I can't wait for February 27!!


  1. I agree with most of these (especially Ms. Aguilera - bad, January Jones - not flattering, JLH - is this prom?, and Tilda - Why?) but I do have to disagree about Natalie (adorably preggers), Anne (stunning, she was glowing on TV, swear), same with ScarJo and Ms. Emma, totally glowing on screen. And the men! Mr. Gosling looks soo handsome! Love this post!!

  2. I do agree that Natalie was a cute prego (and a glowing one, too!), but that flower! It ruined the dress for me! And it definitely is a disadvantage not being able to see the dresses on the screen - I'm glad Emma and Anne were glowing on screen. But no matter how glowing, nothing can improve ScarJo's dress for me!! LOL!