Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy (early) Birthday To Me!

This past weekend (before I got sick...again), I did a little birthday shopping...for myself!  I have been on the hunt for some camel/tan not-too-high heeled court shoes (or pumps, if you're in the US), the not-too-high-heeled being the most difficult part of that search.  Everything has been so sky-high, and despite having a very tall husband, I'm pretty much as tall as I want to be!

So...I sauntered into the Brown Thomas January Sale not expecting to find a thing (in my price range).  The shoe department was like a beautiful, sparkly, colourful zoo!  Had I an unlimited budget we would have had to rent another apartment just to house what I could have brought home!

Anyways, what was staring me in the face when I walked into their shoe room but these little lovelies...

(excuse the awful camera phone shots, they are slightly ligher in colour than they look in the photo and they are not patent leather)

They are PERFECT - exactly what I was looking for for so long!

Happy (early) birthday to ME!!

P.S.  They also had these famous beauties, in the heeled and flat was extremely hard to resist.

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